The Future of Quadcopters


“Quadcopter technology has been improving at a fast pace”

Quadcopter technology has been improving at a fast pace, and interest by the public and the media has increased even faster. Quadcopters are currently already capable of doing many useful things and their development in the industry is divided between a race among designers and manufacturers that make UAVs better, and the general public, who comes up with ingenious ideas to use them. People have actually discovered lots of useful applications for modern-day drones. Aside from their usage for military operations, intelligence and monitoring, they also have the potential of being employed in many other areas, for example logistics and transportation of small items, photography and filming, and assisting construction workers. Logistics companies, for example, depend upon fast, reliable meanings of transportation that are cheap and accessible, and for that, drones will probably play a meaningful role in the future.

It’s difficult to predict what exactly will take place next with these flying machines, mainly because the technology is moving rapidly and the costs for even the most capable units are plummeting over time.  Despite these reasons, here are some of the outcomes we can expect in the near future:

“this will help create more than 70,000 brand-new jobs in the US”

The use of quadcopters will create jobs

According to a research done by the AUVSI (Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International), the financial impact caused by the addition of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) into the US National Airspace System (NAS) will total more than $13.6 billion from 2015 to 2018. In addition, the AUVSI says this will help create more than 70,000 brand-new jobs in the US within the same period, being 34,000 of those in the manufacturing industry. They also predicted these numbers will expand to $82.1 billion and over 100,000 jobs until the year 2025, which is amazing.

“peep windows is not cool”

Privacy will remain a concern

Among the fears the general public has of quadcopters, maybe the greatest is related to personal privacy. Flying a drone with a camera around your neighborhood is trivial these days, anyone can do it with a few bucks and almost no training. However, using this technology to snoop into other people’s backyards and to peep windows is not cool. This can be prevented by passing and enforcing new legislations, or maybe by shooting down drones. Yet, even with the best legislation and anti-drone systems, it will be almost impossible in the future to assure you are not being watched by your neighbor’s quadcopter.

“fully autonomous flights are rare”

Autonomous drones will take over

Nowadays, drones require you to pilot them by using a remote control, and some can even follow or circle an object without the pilot’s guidance, but fully autonomous flights are rare and not part of today’s commonly used technology. In the future, we can expect this to change. By incorporating more accurate GPS, sensors, more powerful microprocessors, and more “intelligent” AIs, quadcopters will be able to fly by themselves: taking pictures, following their owners, and maybe even going back to base to recharge. The days of piloting a quadcopter with 2 joysticks and keeping it in sight will appear as charming as needing to crank a Model T to get it started.

Quadcopters are both enjoyable for hobbyists and useful for companies, and they’ve already changed some paradigms in our daily lives. With new possibilities being created every day, a bright and prosperous future is waiting just around the corner for those who invest in designing, manufacturing, or maybe just playing with them. So what are you waiting for?


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