Best Quadcopter for Filming on a Budget

This is the second article on the 7 Best Quadcopters by Category. In the first one, we talked about the Best Quadcopter for Filming and the DJI Phantom 3 Professional was our choice. But this article is a little different… Money-wise different

While the Phantom 3 Professional will cost you $1000+ and give you great capabilities for filming, not all of us want to spend all that money. Some people just want a basic quadcopter with a camera that they can use to learn about filmmaking, or to train piloting while filming, or something cheap that flies and can make movies.

If you want something cheap, this article is for you.

There is a huge variety of drones out there, some get ahead due to their lower prices, others because they’re easily controllable, but the focus here is to give you a quadcopter that is all that, and also has a decent camera for the price. The choice was not that easy, and many might argue other drones can take this post, but we had our reasons to choose the winner: the UDI 818A HD+.

udi 818a hd+ hd camera headless mode return home rc quadcopter rc drone

This guy has a 2MP HD (720p) camera, it is small, easy to fly, stable, it can do flips, it has a return-home button, and it can also fly in headless mode. As you can see in the picture, it features a plastic protective frame around the propellers, avoiding accidental injury and also acting as an anti-collision mechanism.

What worries many people is the flight time of the cheaper models, but the UDI 818A HD+ can stay for up to 9 minutes in the air. And check out this deal, you can get the complete drone + 4GB SD card + 1 bonus battery + 4 extra blades + a 2200mAh Power Bank. In other words, you get the complete pack with an extra battery, so you can fly it for an extended time and take all the shots you need. If that didn’t convince you yet, here is a table with all the specs you need to know:

UDI 818A HD+
Size: 13.4 x 13.0 x 2.2 in / 340 x 330 x 55mm
Up to 9 min of flight
Weight (battery included): 346g
2MP HD Camera (720p)
40m (130 ft.) range
6-axis gyroscope for stability
Features: Return-home button, Headless mode, Auto-flips, LEDs


Also, if you want to check a complete review + unpacking of this quadcopter along with some camera footage, take a look in the video below. Just jump to 3:50 if you want to see the camera footage.



The goal of this article was not to show you that the UDI 818A HD+ is the best quadcopter in the world, but that it is the best option for those that want to film stuff on a budget. It is a complete tool if you want to learn how to pilot and shoot small movies. It is stable, reliable, and is being sold at a fair price.

If you feel convinced this is the Best Quadcopter for Filming on a Budget, add it to your cart on so you don’t forget about it later:


Do you own a UDI 818A HD+?

Tell us what you think about it in the comments!


I hope you liked this second post of the 7 Best Quadcopters by Category.
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3 thoughts on “Best Quadcopter for Filming on a Budget

  1. Todd says:

    yes i have one… don’t believe the article.. it is not stable,
    it don’t have a return to home button. camera is not great. any light wind will take it away. to me this !! Drone !! is just a toy.

    1. Le Drone Guy says:

      Hi Todd, thanks for your comment.

      Are you sure you have the UDI U818A HD+? I’m pretty sure it has a Return-to-Home function.
      Also, as mentioned, it is not as stable as a Phantom 3, of course, but for this price it is the best option you can get

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