Drone Racing: What you need to know

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Maybe you’ve heard your friends discussing about drone racing lately, or maybe you saw something about it on YouTube (or on TV, if such thing still exists) and you are probably wondering what it is and why it’s creating all this buzz recently. Here is a modest guide we have compiled for you that discusses this new sport, so that you know what’s going on and can also start racing (if you like speed, have patience for training and some extra bucks). What is Drone Racing? Drone Racing is an exc...

5 Best Drones for GoPro

You may be excited that you too are finally presented with the chance of joining the elite of Hollywood and creating professional videos and standard aerial photos. You are already armed with your GoPro camera and looking forward to launching it to the skies to test some of the goodies it offers. Well, there are drones designed for that and, lucky you, the options you will be exploring are vast. Every other time, a new drone company springs up and releases an innovative product that tech ...

The 5 Best FPV Drones

First-Person View (FPV) technology has taken drone flying to new heights. It is a boon for both ace pilots and for hobbyists. But before you rush to buy an FPV drone, find out how this innovation works and what it is used for. You’ll be in a better position to decide whether it will suit your needs and which models are available in the market. What is FPV? Usually called FPV (short for First-Person View), "video piloting", or Remote-Person View (RPV), it is the act of flying a remote-contr...

The Future of Quadcopters

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"Quadcopter technology has been improving at a fast pace" Quadcopter technology has been improving at a fast pace, and interest by the public and the media has increased even faster. Quadcopters are currently already capable of doing many useful things and their development in the industry is divided between a race among designers and manufacturers that make UAVs better, and the general public, who comes up with ingenious ideas to use them. People have actually discovered lots of useful a...

Best Quadcopter for Filming on a Budget

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This is the second article on the 7 Best Quadcopters by Category. In the first one, we talked about the Best Quadcopter for Filming and the DJI Phantom 3 Professional was our choice. But this article is a little different… Money-wise different… While the Phantom 3 Professional will cost you $1000+ and give you great capabilities for filming, not all of us want to spend all that money. Some people just want a basic quadcopter with a camera that they can use to learn about filmmaking, or to tra...

New FAA’s Drone Registration: What You Need to Know

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If you want to buy a new drone, or already own one, and you’ve been hearing about the FAA drone registration but don’t really know what everyone’s talking about, this article is for you. Fear not, you won’t get into trouble for buying a new quadcopter, just keep reading! In the end of 2015, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) published new regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and if you own a drone you will probably be affected by them. Effective December 21st of 2015, if yo...

Best quadcopter for filming

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This is the first of the 7 Best Quadcopters by Category, and what a good one to start with! There are tons of options to choose from, a huge range of prices, features and brands... So how to make some sense in all that noise? We'll help you with that! What I mean by "filming" is making high quality videos you can post on Youtube and Vimeo and share around without being afraid of that shaky gimbal, that pixelated camera or the struggle to control the quadcopter. By no means this is intended...

7 Best Quadcopters by Category

7 best quadcopters by category
The holidays are approaching fast, and you want to buy that cool drone for your kid, or significant other, or maybe to your nice cousin that behaved well during the year, or maybe to your grandma. And you’ve been flooded by ideas and suggestions and "TOP 10" lists that make you more undecided than you were before reading them. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the “TOP 10” list approach is wrong, simply because each person wants to spend a different amount, and each has different needs and go...

Pre-Flight Checklist: What to do before you fly

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So you just bought your first quadcopter, and you are so excited to fly it around that you feel like a kid who just bought his first video game. This feeling of getting something new to play with is great, but when talking about RC models and quadcopters, uncle Ben was right all along: with great powers comes great responsibilities. Many people might see drones as toys or cute flying machines, however they are much more than that. With sharp reinforced nylon blades spinning at thousands of RP...

Quadcopter Buying Guide

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So you’ve decided to buy a quadcopter, now what? The first plan would be to google something like “best quadcopter”. And I’m sure you will find thousands of websites that say they have the 5 or 10 best drones available for you to choose. If you haven’t tried this, you might find it instructive, as it will teach you how confusing all the options are. What most websites don’t get is that each person wants a quadcopter for a different reason. Some people just want a small and safe Christmas...