5 Best Drones for GoPro

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You may be excited that you too are finally presented with the chance of joining the elite of Hollywood and creating professional videos and standard aerial photos. You are already armed with your GoPro camera and looking forward to launching it to the skies to test some of the goodies it offers. Well, there are drones designed for that and, lucky you, the options you will be exploring are vast.

Every other time, a new drone company springs up and releases an innovative product that tech lovers get excited about. With drone manufacturers always striving to make their gadgets more enduring and with better functionality, the competition is getting tighter. But don’t expect premium features yet on the starter versions. The basic cameras, for instance, are nothing but installed to give you a surrounding awareness, no HD, no slow-motion, no live-feed. That’s why you can use your GoPro to take awesome shots, and you pay nothing more for that.

To make nice videos with your GoPro, you will need a drone that can carry its payload and remain in flight for a considerable amount of time, and that also doesn’t come with a stock camera (and its extra cost). What then could be some of the best drones you could opt for to give your GoPro camera the oomph it deserves? Read on and find out!

5. Ionic Stratus ionic stratus

This drone comes with a specially-designed GoPro mount. It is considered to best fit in the low-end category with a good value for the price it goes for. If you are a beginner in the drone flying world, then is the kind of drone that best suits you. The ease of operating arises from a single 3D button which rivals high-end options such as the Phantom 2. It has a headless mode that renders orientation to be a hands free process. It may not have the 20+ minutes of flying time, however, you can easily buy an additional battery to boost its flight time.

4. Blade Chroma blade chroma for gopro

This is a mid to high-end drone that comes GoPro ready. It is a great contender against the other options and therefore worth looking at. It is designed to give you easy shooting of photos and videos. It is armed with a 3-axis brushless gimbal, an incredible 30-minute flight time, a Follow-me and tracking functions, and easy controls that include an Android touchscreen in the ST-10+ controller. This manufacturer takes safety very seriously, so this is an option you can trust with your GoPro. It has a flight range of up to 600 meters (~1,900 ft) and uses GPS for its adjustable flight boundaries.

3. 3DR Solo quadcopter 3dr solo for gopro

This is a unique mid-range drone with smart processing capabilities. It is a world-first in the smart category, which makes it hard for other models to compete with. The flight range is up to 800 meters (~2,600 ft.) and the flight duration is up to 25 minutes. It has two cool features: an orbit mode to circle flawlessly around what you are shooting (by selecting it in the 3DR App in you cellphone or tablet), and a cable cam mode that keeps the drone above a virtual perpendicular cable. This clever drone can come with a 3-axis brushless gimbal, but it renders very stable video and picture shooting experiences even without it.

2. Yuneec Typhoon G yuneec typhoon g for gopro

Not only it comes with a very stable 3-axis gimbal especially designed for a GoPro, it is also a very resistant and reliable drone. Controlling it is easy and intuitive with the ST10+ controller, which also includes an LCD screen where you can set commands such as Follow-me and Watch-me. Either if you are a professional or a beginner, you can trust this drone to help you make incredible shots with your camera, with up to 20 minutes of flight time. Check it out.

1. DJI Phantom 2 dji phantom 2 for gopro

DJI is a reputable company in the development of drones, and so when they have a product on the table, it is better to watch closely. DJI Phantom 2 is one of their masterpieces that is considered to be the easiest drone you could ever fly. The drone comes at a premium and is definitely one of those drones you need to consider to handle your GoPro camera. It is quite safe and stable in flight. It is intelligent to prevent possible crashes. It is armed with a GPS which is becoming a standard these days. The drone comes with a Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal to guarantee you smooth stabilized videos. Another appealing feature is that the inbuilt battery allows you 25 minutes of flight on a single charge, which is impressive.


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