This is the RC Quadcopter HQ, your reference in RC Quadcopters and Drones!


1. First, what is a Quadcopter?

dji phantom 4 drone quadcopter comparison table 4k uhd hd camera gimbal tapfly return home new model 5km range 28 min battery lifeA Quadcopter is a multirotor helicopter that uses 4 rotors to be propelled. In other words, it has 4 helix and 4 motors that push air down in order to get lifted (or get pushed up). During flight, each propeller spins in a slightly different speed, so the Quadcopter can maintain its balance, or go up and down, turn, maneuver (and even do some flips).

But worry not!

There is an electronic circuit that does all that control for you, it is called the Flight Controller. It is the brain of you RC Quadcopter, a little computer sitting on its center. This Flight Controller makes it possible for you to just push the levers on your remote control and watch the drone do all those amazing stunts (or maybe just crash =/ ).


2. What about a Drone, what’s the difference?

A Drone can be a synonym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV), which is a flying vehicle without a pilot on board; and it can also refer to a “Robot Vehicle”, which is basically the same, but can move on the ground or on/under water. Drones can assume many different shapes and sizes, from Quadcopters, to airplanes, insect-dronesboats and self-driving cars.


3. So, what can you do with a Quadcopter?


Well, you can basically do any sort of things that involve James-Bond-like aerial filming, pizza delivery, e-commerce product delivery, crop managementautonomous search & rescue, and even racing!

Quadcopters can be equipped with cameras, gyroscopes, GPS, accelerometers and many other sensors and processing power that allow them to accomplish these amazing things. And, perhaps, the most amazing feature is the possibility to make your drone fly autonomously in a pre-defined route or mission, without the need of the remote control. But more on that later.


4. Cool, but how do you choose which quadcopter to buy?

Well, that’s what we’re here for! If you don’t know how to choose a quadcopter, you can check this post, which will hopefully teach you a few things and also give you a broader view about drone capabilities.

After that, or if you already know how to choose a drone, you can check our Quadcopter Comparison Table, where you will find a more organized way to see the features each drone has and sort them as you like. You will find prices, sizes, weights, drone cameras, GoPro compatibility, and more! We’re here to make your life easier, not to fill it with useless info, so go check it!


5. And how do you fly it safely?

When dealing with machines that have parts spinning at thousands of RPM that can cut you like butter, it is reasonable to take precautions before and during flight. To help you with this, I created a Pre-Flight Checklist so you don’t forget what items to check before you fly, in order to reduce the chances of anything bad happening.

You shouldn’t be paralyzed thinking about all the negative things that can happen. Instead, always prepare first, do your safety checks and respect regulations. This way you can have fun without headaches. (:


6. Have you heard about the new FAA rules?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published new regulations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and if you own a drone you will probably be affected by them. But we have you covered!
Check this post for more information about it. The FAA says the deadline for registering is February 19th, 2016, so beware!


7. Nice. And who am I?

I’m just an engineer that finds all these flying things amazing and that wants to share my knowledge and passion for them. And I’m all ears here, so feel free to drop by the Contact Page and say hello! May the force be with you.